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If anyone has any MCQs collected from the FRCA or the Irish exam, please let me know or send them to me at: [email protected]

I am aware of a couple of UK websites with questions but the MCQs that seem to be actual "remembered ones" seem to be difficult to retrieve easily (eg set up in complicated Bulletin Board systems which load slowly and only have one question per page etc). Not really trying to be critical here but I think such MCQs could be made more accessible.

"Previously asked mcq's if released as such would immediately be removed from the bank by the college and therefore serve no constructive purpose in having. By incorporating these previously asked questions into a wealth of material these active questions remain active and can then provide the candidate with previously asked and researched mcq's. To be fair the [1] uk site has just upgraded the software that these mcq's are hosted on giving the option to interact and search similiar mcq's.The frca site has some mcq's but you can't discuss the answers and some of them are incorrect.I agree that there is no current perfect way of delivering mcq's in an interactive environment but for interaction it's still pretty good." . If we can think of a better way of presenting them then we should let them know in the UK.cheers geoff
Thanks for the comments Geoff. However the offer still stands. If anyone can send me some FRCA MCQs then I will post them here, but please don't send ones already displayed on other sites eg [2]. However if anyone has a collection (?UK Black Bank) which is being passed around and not on any website then please send it on to me. In my experience, MCQs which are revealed are not taken out of the bank - certainly in Australia - but the MCQs are a different type in the UK exams (multiple true/false) so the situation could be different there

- SysopKB 18:08, 25 Dec 2005 (EST)

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