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 PLEASE record questions you have recalled. 


145. Arteriolar dilatation occurs with

A. Serotonin
B Angiotensin I
C Neuropeptide Y
D Endothelin
E. Vasointestinal Peptide

146. Which drug is best administered as a racemic mixture?

A. Dexmedetomidine
B. Morphine
C. Methadone
D. Bupivacaine
E. Noradrenaline

147. Regarding a graded Dose-Response curve (note: question may have used a drug as clinical context)

A. There is linearity between 20-80% of max response
B. There is linearity between 20-80% of max dose
C. Characteristics of the drug can be deduced by calculating the ED50 and the Hill coefficient
D. The addition of a synergistic drug causes a right-shift of the curve
E. [Something I can't remember but didn't seem right]
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