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Hi Kerry,

How do I start a new article on the Wiki? Thanks!


  • First you just have to decide on the title for the new page.
  • Second, you have to add this title to an existing page, and enclose the title in double square brackets, and save the page (eg say you wanted to start a new page called demo then add the following to the page while in the Edit Box: [[demo]] - note the left and right square brackets. Because this link is to a new page in the wiki, it is referred to as an internal hyperlink)
  • Now, the new page's title shows up (coloured red) in the page where you just created it. Click on this title and you will be taken to an edit box to start adding content to this new page.
  • Finally: Save the page.


  1. If the link is coloured blue instead of red, then the page already exists, and clicking on the link just takes you to the existing page.
  2. See the How to edit pages tutorial for a good introduction to editing on this wiki.

Hi Kerry our study group was happily working our way through MCQs by paper, but are now finding this more difficult since direct links to MCQs by paper has been removed. Can this be reinstated? Ange

Hi Kerry, Just sat April '09 MCQ. would love to contribute to the wiki but we need a section on the main page for this latest finals sitting. don't have the skills to put that section up, can you help.

cheers fred


Hi Kerry,

I was just thinking of two new sections that might be very helpful for Part 1 candidates:

1) Mneumonics and memory tricks for various pharm and phys concepts, organised along the same subject titles as the MCQ's/SAQ's. I'm sure there would be many many willing contributions (though some might be rather risque!)

2) A section that lists known factual errors with some of the standard texts (but the emphasis on KNOWN FACTUAL, not just controversies)



Hi Kerry: I have a couple of pages of new MCQs from the Mar 2011 finals to contribute. Where do I go? Do i email them to yo?

Thanks- Jen

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