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My name is Erich Schulz. "Erich gasboy" is the nerdy name I originally gave myself on ebay... I guess I should have ditched it earlier.

Despite a persisting concern that I was going to be the first local Brisbane trainee to fail the finals in some years, and extensive procrastination, I passed the Part 2 on my first sitting in April-May 2007. Yayyyy! Now that I don't have to study (so hard) any more, I've had to dig up a bunch of other activities in order to allow me to continue refining my procrastination skills.

I loved wikis some much I also created You should visit me over there. Seriously.

I also love a good chat so please leave me a message on my talk page. I especially like to chat about so if you have any suggestions or questions go ahead and ask... now I have that pesky quiz out of the way I'll put a bit more effort into gasboys.

Currently I am pondering on how to engage others in writing gasboys questions (go you slack gits give it a go).

I have been known to haunt other wikis. The king of all wiki's is, of course wikipedia, so if you're feeling like procrastination... that is the place! I love wiki's. They are great. Good on Kerry (aka User:SysopKB).

I continue to ponder the study I would like to do in obstetrics and other fanciful ideas.

By the way, the FANZCA came through last year... and all I can say to those behind me is that it is well worth the effort.

Best wishes


PS: Many of my answers are via:

  • Chris (of bulletin board fame) and also
  • Simon Pattullo, Rasa Vencolvas, Kar-Soon Lim (aka SP,RV and KSL)


Internet and Pubmed tips

Type this (or just a bit of it) after your query to limit your search to English reviews published after 2003:

AND Review[ptyp] AND English[lang] AND 2003:2008[PDat]

for core journals only:

AND jsubsetaim[text]

to search on a MeSH topic that is the focus of the article:


To access many journals via the UQ library, put this between immediately before the third slash (it'll only help you if you have a UQ password, but a similar thing probably works for you local library):

of sometimes this will work instead, to access a few journals (ICM for one)



Now that I'm past the quiz, my mind is starting to fill with ideas of the study I would like to do.

"Analysis of Variance"[SH] OR "Regression Analysis"[SH]

"randomized controlled trials as topic"[MAJR]

Papers to read:

  1. Pocock SJ, Assmann SE, Enos LE, Kasten LE. Subgroup analysis, covariate adjustment and baseline comparisons in clinical trial reporting: current practice and problems. Stat Med. 2002 Oct 15;21(19):2917-30. PMID 12325108 pdf
  2. Beach ML, Meier P. Choosing covariates in the analysis of clinical trials. Control Clin Trials. 1989 Dec;10(4 Suppl):161S-175S. PMID 2605965 pdf
  3. Wang SJ, Hung HM. Adaptive covariate adjustment in clinical trials. J Biopharm Stat. 2005;15(4):605-11. PMID 16022166 pdf
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  5. Freemantle N, Calvert M. Composite and surrogate outcomes in randomised controlled trials. BMJ. 2007 Apr 14;334(7597):756-7. PMID 17431231
    "while it is our opinion that composite outcome measures do have a useful role in the evaluation of health technologies, the difficult problem of the appropriate interpretation of composite outcome measures in regulatory policy should be dealt with. This might be achieved by using a corollary (such as a health warning), which makes it clear that on their own the individual components of a composite have not been shown to be affected by the experimental treatment."
  6. Ferreira-González I, Busse JW, et al. Problems with use of composite end points in cardiovascular trials: systematic review of randomised controlled trials. BMJ. 2007 Apr 14;334(7597):786. Epub 2007 Apr 2. PMID 17403713 pdf
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Questions and papers I should come back to

Questions with content I need to add some gasboys some time

Radha Ravi and Tanya Howell
   Anaesthesia for paediatric ear, nose, and throat surgery
   Contin Educ Anaesth Crit Care Pain 2007 7: 33-37; doi:10.1093/bjaceaccp/mkm004
  • place tube to left for oesaphagectomy
  • reinforced lma ok for tonsils
S Malhotra and V Sodhi
   Anaesthesia for thyroid and parathyroid surgery
   Contin Educ Anaesth Crit Care Pain 2007 7: 55-58; doi:10.1093/bjaceaccp/mkm006


  • precipitating carpopedal spasm through cuff inflation (Trousseau's sign)
  • facial twitching by tapping over the facial nerve at the parotid gland (Chvostek's sign).

Annie Hunningher and Ian Calder Cervical spine surgery Continuing Education in Anaesthesia, Critical Care & Pain Advance Access published on April 24, 2007. doi:10.1093/bjaceaccp/mkm015

Radiological definitions of cervical spine instability (a) Translation

C1–C2: anterior atlanto-dental interval >5 mm, posterior ADI <13 mm
C2–T1: >3.5 mm between points on adjacent vertebrae

(b) Angulation >11° between vertebrae

These values have been widely used, but there is a poor correlation between radiographic abnormality and neurological symptoms and signs

Criteria for stability after cervical trauma

Unconscious patient:

  • Plain radiographs are inadequate
  • The combination of plain films and CT scans is adequate to diagnose bony and ligamentous instability
  • MR scans are not required for the exclusion of instability

Conscious patient

  • Alert, no distracting injuries
  • No midline pain
  • Normal movement
  • No neurology

AB51 EM52 (will have to draw some.png files)

partially covered

PZ45 PZ53 AB35 SZ19 Insert non-formatted text here

reading list

(these are not earth-shattering, but articles I have read or may come back to if I have time)

  • Murphy EJ (2005) Acute pain management pharmacology for the patient with concurrent renal or hepatic disease. Anaesth Intensive Care. 33(3):311-22 PMID 15973913
    An excellent read for first and second parters!
  • PMID 16916180 Systemic analgesia and co-analgesia
  • Keegan MT, Brown DR (2004) Perioperative antibiotics and practice: little things that make a big difference. Anesthesiol Clin North America. Sep;22(3):473-91. PMID 15325714
  • PMID 15187057 dehydration in kids
  • Harrigan RA, Jones K (2002) ABC of clinical electrocardiography. Conditions affecting the right side of the heart. BMJ. 2002 May 18;324(7347):1201-4 PMID 12016190
  • Aders A, Aders H (2005) Anaesthetic adverse incident reports: an Australian study of 1,231 outcomes. Anaesth Intensive Care. 33(3):336-44. PMID 15973916
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  • Waters JH (2005) Red blood cell recovery and reinfusion. Anesthesiol Clin North America 23(2):283-94, vi. PMID 15922900
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  • Catling S, Joels L (2005) Cell salvage in obstetrics: the time has come. BJOG. 2005 Feb;112(2):131-2 PMID 15663574 [1]
  • Senturk M (2006) New concepts of the management of one-lung ventilation. Curr Opin Anaesthesiol. 19(1):1-4 PMID 16547426
  • Ollerton JE, Parr MJ, Harrison K, Hanrahan B, Sugrue M (2006) Potential cervical spine injury and difficult airway management for emergency intubation of trauma adults in the emergency department--a systematic review. Emerg Med J. 2006 Jan;23(1):3-11. PMID 16373795
  • Coagulation Monitoring Rochon AG - Anesthesiol Clin North America - December 2006; 24(4); 839-856
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  • Deitch EA, Dayal SD (2006) Intensive care unit management of the trauma patient. Crit Care Med. 2006 Sep;34(9):2294-301. PMID 16878037

Interesting articles for Part-Oners

  • Bruhn J, Myles PS, Sneyd R, Struys MM (2006) Depth of anaesthesia monitoring: what's available, what's validated and what's next? Br J Anaesth. 2006 Jul;97(1):85-94. Epub 2006 Jun 2. PMID 16751211
  • Sturgess DJ, Marwick TH, Joyce CJ, Venkatesh B (2006) B-type natriuretic peptide concentrations and myocardial dysfunction in critical illness. Anaesth Intensive Care. 2006 Apr;34(2):151-63 PMID 16617635
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