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Hi- I'm like the oldest registrar you will ever meet. Positively ancient. I started off being a surgical registrar but then saw the bright lights of ICU. I loved critical care but anaesthesia is where my true love lies.

I work part time, study whenever I can and have two small boys who make it their sole purpose in life to stop me doing either.

Being old, I know how to use a computer, but am a little slow on the whole html thingummy, so I welcome your edits.

I enjoy days off, kayaking*, bushwalking*, swimming, cycling and sewing (my Bernina 930 spends probably as much time on my desk as Miller does). I have an interest in obstetric anaesthesia (well, someone has to). My favourite opening is "When I was an intern..."

when not badly editing black bank questions I hang out at and play popcap games. (

-UPDATE- May 30th: I freakin' did it! Yay passed first time! WOW!

  • and have not been able to do either of these for about 4 years. sigh.
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